Confidence and Self-Esteem Course

Think of a famous celebrity who’s been portrayed negatively in the media recently. Now think about that famous person carrying on with their everyday job whilst the media attention was on-going. Those that continued their jobs clearly have high confidence about their ability, but could the same be said about their Self-Esteem?.-Are Confidence and Self-Esteem the same thing?


Low self-esteem is having a generally negative overall opinion of oneself, judging or evaluating
oneself negatively, and placing a general negative value on oneself as a person: self worth

Self- Confidence-a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement

At Step by Step we have years of experience in delivering unique tailor made courses to people who have recognised that they need to build confidence and self-esteem and enhance their emotional resilience 

  • enhance social networks
  • help personal relationships
  • improve parenting skills
  • help build communication skills
  • improve a person’s self-worth
  • increase attainment/improve results
  • help team building or working as a unit

One of the aims and goals of parenting and confidence courses is to reduce targeted risk factors associated with the development of behavioural and emotional problems within the family unit, also reducing family conflict by improving parenting styles.

It is important to involve communities and Schools by providing opportunities for parents to interact with their children, and help define parental roles within the child’s learning.

On-going support between parents and the facilitator is central to building up relationship and this understanding enhances Parents self-esteem and confidence which focuses on improving family life for children and Parents. These courses ensure that communication is effective and establish mechanisms to boost the parent’s confidence. The impact affects communities for example Parents with low levels of formal education; Parents from minority ethnic backgrounds; Parents with disabilities, Foster carers; Asylum seekers, refugees and transient (traveller families).

Parents take notice of facts demonstrating that parent/child support can have a significant impact on learning and achievement. These courses help parents understand how critical their actions can be, and what they need to do, they will be more likely to take steps to be more actively involved in their children’s well-being and education. Social Services have referred parents onto this course and included this programme in Child Protection Plans. The feedback and results have been recognised by family law courts.

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So What Can I Expect From The Course? 

A common question. The evaluation of any training course is not just whether new skills have been learnt or whether performance has benefited the learner. The measurement of what has improved and how are the most important.

Our company has devised pre and post course evaluation tools that can show measured  positive changes in the individual.

Step by Step deliver age specific confidence and self-esteem programmes for children and young people- please visit our pages for ‘Teenage kicks’ and ‘Stepping up’.


“Step by Step approached us as a charitable organisation to offer us funded training to support our Domestic Violence program. Step by Step organised the whole event and the training was very well received and delivered in an informal and suitable style that has benefited our service users”. 

Lynne Rodgers,  Training Officer, Thirteen Care & Support

“This course gave me confidence and self-belief when I had to become both mam and dad to my four kids”  Pauline Dixon-Parent

 “The step by step course gave me the confidence to believe in myself and I am still reminded of my progress each time I look at the ‘compliments card’ from one of the tasks done.  This course helped me to look forward and I work as a volunteer at Children North East- something I’d never imagined doing beforehand”  Helen Walton- Parent & Volunteer

“ My life was changed by this course as it gave me self-belief to go to achieve my ambitions- I am now a health trainer for the NHS”  Julie Gazzilli Thomas- DURHAM AND DARLINGTON FOUNDATION TRUST

“As a Health Visitor I have referred clients to various courses Julie has run over a period of years. I have had positive feedback from clients who have been able to implement significant changes in their lives in order to improve their circumstances and benefit their families. Julie is committed, passionate and motivating. I would be confident in recommending her courses to clients”. Diane Lynn- Health Visitor

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