‘Teenage Kicks’- A Confidence and Self-Esteem Course for Teenagers


Many head teachers have recognised that young people coming into their schools lack self-esteem and confidence.  Heading towards adolescence is a confusing time, especially for vulnerable young people. One head teacher recently told us ” that while teachers are the experts in classroom pedagogy, increasingly the barriers they face relate to areas outside of their expertise –the pupils social, emotional and behavioural needs”. This course is particularly useful to those schools actively promoting PSHE education in order to give their students knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their lives, and is one of our courses that underpins the family support role we deliver on behalf of secondary schools- please see our community engagement page.

Research shows-

teenage kicks image•             1 in 10  or at least 3 young people in every class has a behavioural or emotional difficulty- (Green, et al., 2005).

•             Almost half of young people with fewer than five GCSEs graded A*to C said they ‘always’ or ‘often ’feel down or depressed compared with 30% of young people who are more qualified- (Prince’s Trust, 2012).

•             In an average classroom: 10 young people will have witnessed their parents separate; 1 will have experienced the death of a parent, and 7 will have been bullied- (Faulkner, 2011).

“Does your school have teaching staff who are skilled in supporting children with emotional needs or low in self-esteem?”

The aims of this course are to enhance the emotional resilience of children and young people including the raising of self esteem and confidence; and therefore

  •        To help reduce isolation
  •        Improve relationships with teaching staff and peers
  •        Motivate and inspire
  •        Promote positive emotional and mental well-being which leads to improved outcomes for young people
  •        Develop an understanding of self-worth
  •        Help with problem solving
  •        Improve communication skills Provides the opportunity to explore and reflect on young peoples own experiences.
  •        Enhance young people’s self-esteem by identifying their strengths
  •        Instil character

A six session course each comprising of 2 hours delivered on site to a cohort in a fun, interactive and educational way which sees young people having to work individually, in pairs and as a group. ‘Teenage Kicks’ is an empowering programme that challenges young people to take responsibility for their actions by helping them academically, socially and emotionally.

What Can I expect from the Course?

A common question. The evaluation of any training course is not just whether new skills have been learnt or whether performance has benefit to the learner. The measurement of what has improved and how are the most important.

Julie has recently added both Ptll’s and Ctll’s teaching qualifications to her academic portfolio and works to the Recognising and recording progress and achievement (RARPA) standards of delivery.

Our company has devised pre and post evaluation tools that can show positive changes in the individual and supplied together with a portfolio of work undertaken by the participant act as evidence.

‘Teenage Kicks’ has been delivered recently (2014/15) into-

North Durham Academy x 3

Tanfield School x2

Thorp Academy x 3

Unity City Academy

The Hermitage Academy 


Positive outcomes have been shown by those that have participated on the course with the majority of young people showing a marked improvement in their confidence and self-esteem upon their post course evaluation.

It is common that feedback provided to us from a participating school demonstrates that moderation of behaviour has been shown in some of the young people post course, with some individuals forming relationships with others they would not normally associate with.

Recently one pupil disclosed to our trainer in week 1 that they were currently self-harming. The appropriate staff at the host school were notified at the end of the session of this disclosure- they had no knowledge of this information and reacted appropriately. Every week thereafter the young person went to great lengths to proudly show Julie both arms with no lacerations. This person in their evaluation mentioned that they felt the sessions were a safe environment to be honest, open about feelings and emotions.


“We invited Step by Step Training Consultancy to deliver their ‘Teenage Kicks’ programme initially to a group of Year 9 students and following the success of this we booked sessions for a Year 7 & 8 cohort.  Each group arrived for the sessions and were captured right from the start developing relationships with students they wouldn’t have worked with before, motivating and inspiring them to support each other . The students were able  to transfer the skills they developed such as problem solving , speaking and listening, into all aspects of their school life.  The programme challenged our students to develop socially, emotionally and academically, building on our core values  of relationships, resilience, respect, responsibility and reflection”.

Ruth Marklew, Thorp Academy

Please look at our community engagement page if your secondary school/academy has challenges surrounding persistence absence of pupils

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