‘All Together Now’

Nurture groups are small, structured teaching groups for pupils showing signs of behavioural, social or emotional difficulties, particularly those who are experiencing disruption or distress outside of school. The Ofsted survey considers what makes nurture group provision successful and evaluates the impact on the pupils and their families.

A unique course aimed at Primary aged children. Delivered over 6 x 2 hour sessions within school  where for the first hour parents are introduced to some simple nurturing parenting strategies such as positive praise, self-esteem, choices and consequences and the second hour involves the parent/carer working together with their child on fun and interactive educational activities using those strategies learned earlier.

Week 1- first hour

How to raise Confidence and Self-Esteem in our Children Communicating with our Children  

           -second hour parent/child together

Activities for Parent/Child surrounding communication

Week 2- first hour The importance of outdoor play Review our own experiences    

           -second hour parent/child together

Bug hunt activity/Outdoor games

Week 3- first hour

Safety in Childhood How to keep our children safe All about me (shared experiences)  

           -second hour parent/child together

Team activities- Junk Scene (crafts)

Week 4-first hour

Importance of healthy eating Health implications

            -second hour parent/child together

Cook and Eat session, games with a ‘food theme’

Week 5- first hour

Routines, boundaries and discipline Tip sheet

            -second hour parent/child together

Bedroom bunting activity Games enhancing interaction

Week 6- first hour

Feelings and emotions Positive Praise Impact of criticism/ negativity

              -second hour parent/child together

Biscuit decorating Picnic preparation Compliments card

Certificate for all upon completion/photo opportunity/evaluation

Delivered on behalf of-

Moorside Primary School, Consett, Co Durham